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Seal Coating is a coal and tar emulsion (Note: sealer is not a petroleum-base product) that is applied over asphalt as a protective coating.

Properly designed parking lots rarely wear out from traffic. Surface deterioration is usually caused by the weathering effects of the sun and rain as well as the softening effects of deicers, gasoline and oil drippings.

Silica Sand is usually added to coal tar sealer to provide a heavier wearing surface. The addition of sand also means that the sealer will last longer and will be more skid resistant than sealer which does not contain sand.


Oxidation, the graying in color of asphalt pavement, is a sign of fatigue, aging and general surface deterioration. When unprotected, the pavement becomes oxidized and the aggregate will begin to ravel from the surface making the pavement rough. Once the surface becomes brittle, cracks develop, and the pavement deteriorates. Furthermore, water which accumulates in open pavement structures is a major cause of pavement damage.

The resiliency of the asphalt pavement is sealed in and destructive forces are sealed out. This means oxidation of the asphaltic binder is stopped and liquids like gasoline, oil, salt, water, and other chemicals are kept away from damaging the asphalt pavement. The pavement bed will be kept in place to carry the loads for which it was designed.


Instituting a preventative maintenance program before these damaging elements get a hold on your pavement is important. An application of a rubber fortified coal.tar emulsion is the most cost effective maintenance procedure available. When you seal coat asphalt you double its life by shielding it from a variety of destructive forces. In addition to its practicality, seal coating also enhances the appearance of your pavement by giving it an attractive, easy-to-clean, slate black color finish.

Seal coating pavement for pennies a square foot can save dollars in future costly repairs or replacement. The following chart emphasizes the economics of sealing your asphalt.


A regularly seal coated parking lot will enhance a company’s image by presenting a neat, attractive entrance to the building area. This is particularly important where customers go to that location to do business, but also is important to visiting suppliers, employees, stockholders, and the general public, who are now very ecology minded. People are attracted to pleasant, attractive surroundings and so will choose to visit or even reside in or around them.


At least every two to three years. Because of the ever-increasing cost of petroleum, many home owners and companies now seal every year. This is good preventive and cosmetic maintenance.