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Sealer Applications

All asphalt will be power cleaned prior to sealing.
Mr. Pothole Man uses a heavy duty blacktop sealer that exceeds all Federal Specifications #RP-355E.

A 3-4% latex additive will be added to the mix to assure toughness, quicker drying time, and deeper color.    The mix will also contain 3 to 5 pounds of Number 60 silica sand per gallon. The sealer will be applied with a coverage rate of approximately 50 square feet per gallon per coat.


This rubberized material meets or exceeds all Federal specifications #SS-S 1401 C/ASTMD-3405.

Designated cracks or joints will be filled flush with the pavement, and not less than 1/8” below

the surface, without formation of voids or entrapped air. More than one application of crack

sealer may be necessary to fill cracks to their required level. A light application of sand or silica

will be spread over finished seam to provide a skid resistant surface.

When necessary, the filler will be rolled prior to the opening of traffic. The crack sealer has

Excellent low temperature resistance, remains elastic, and will not crack or pick-up during the

Hot summer heat.


This application grabs and seals oil and grease spots on asphalt surfaces to prevent bleeding into the

cured film of sealer.

Excessive penetration of grease and oil may require the surface to first be heated with a torch and

scrapped clean. Oil spot sealer would then be applied.


Polyprime is a multi-polymer/refined coal tar emulsion penetrating primer.   It is specifically formulated to rejuvenate oxidized pavement surfaces, allowing greatly improved  adhesion of pavement sealer. Polyprime restores the integrity of the aged pavement surfaces, allowing pavement coating to bond securely and therefore last longer.  Used as a restorative primer, Polyprime is an important part of a premium quality pavement sealing system. Polyprime should also be used on fine mix asphalt pavement surfaces, where aggregate is polished, or if there is an oily film throughout the pavement


Power edging removes unsightly grass and vegetation that is overshadowing the pavement.

This process will provide a new and defined border for the sealer to be applied against.

A combination of mechanical equipment and liquid weed control (Roundup) would be used to remove the vegetation.


This work encompasses the installation of gravel, base coat, and a finish coat of asphalt. All of the new

asphalt seams will be sealed with a joint sealer. Not all repairs will require excavation, gravel,

and base coat.

Under those circumstances, emulsion will be applied to the existing asphalt and a minimum of      1-1/2” of finish coat will be installed. All of the new asphalt seams will be sealed with a hot joint sealer.

By repairing the damaged asphalt you prevent further base damage and give the sealer a stronger surface to adhere to.


We can accommodate all your striping and stenciling needs with quality paints designed to be applied over freshly sealed pavement.

All striping and stenciling work meets current ADA Guidelines.

Some colors may require a longer curing time before they can be applied.


Hot-In-Place High Tech recycling repair system.

  • Our process lowers your cost
  • Minimizes on-site disruption
  • Provides permanent repairs year round!

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