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Make your driveway last indefinitely


Free Pavement Survey, Estimate and Inspection.

We will gladly come to your home and take a look at your driveway. You will get a professional analysis of where things stand, what needs to be done, what the program will cost, and how much it can save you. This service is provided with our compliments.


Price guarantee for 3 years. Mr. Pothole Man will reseal your driveway at the original price so long as it is within three years of your initial coating.


One (1) full year for all materials and workmanship, excluding base failure.


Pavement is completely power cleaned of dirt, dust and debris.

Crack Repairing

Involves cleaning joints of loose debris and vegetation. We will then apply a modified polymer heated to 400 degrees to fill and band the cracks which will seal out water thereby preventing further damage.

Asphalt Repairing

Cleaning and patching of large holes.

Oil and Gas

Pre-treating driveway with a special sealer prior to seal coating to prevent further damage.


Apply one squeegee coat of a long lasting rubberized coating which protects the asphalt from the damaging effects of gasoline, oil, sun oxidation, and freezing water. We recommend a coat of primer sealer on pavements that have never been sealed.

A high solid content latex rubber additive gives extra toughness, greater adhesion, faster drying, and helps hold the deep black color longer.

IMPORTANT – Mr. Pothole Man uses a sand-slurry mixture process. This provides longer wear, a safer skid resistance surface, and the velvet look.

The materials used meet and exceed all requirements of U.S. AIR Force, the FAA and federal Specification #RP355e (GSA-FSS).

Mr. Pothole Man’s sealing application procedures uses STATE-OF-THE-ART equipment and materials. The result is complete protection.

Sealing will not be applied if rain is forecasted within 18-24 hours of your scheduled appointment.


Complete Satisfaction

We at Mr. Pothole Man are very conscientious about the neatness and quality of our work and we guarantee you will be proud of your newly sealed surface.